Priyadarshi Raj


Terasology Launcher is the official launcher for the open-source game Terasology. It provides easy access to the different game versions and build types. Terasology and related projects are developed by a group of software enthusiast volunteers under the organization name MovingBlocks. I've been working on this launcher since Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2019. It's built using JavaFX and supports all major desktop operating systems.

Municipal Solid Waste Management System

A software project for managing collection of municipal solid waste (MSW), created during my second year of B. Tech. It's a cross-platform desktop app built using Kotlin, TornadoFX, and H2 Database. It provides a concise GUI for handling CRUD operations on municipality data, and also has a dashboard with intuitive charts. The UI is fully reactive and updates the charts and tables if the database gets updated from another source. It can also generate PDF reports in a few clicks.

Zimbra Mailbot

An open-source Telegram chatbot that can fetch emails from any Zimbra account. It's written completely in Clojure and is built on top of alwaysdata PaaS. It's currently in pre-alpha stage.


This page is currently a WIP. Please check out more projects on my GitHub page.