My name is Priyadarshi Raj.

I'm a computer science student and an open-source software developer enthusiastic about Game development, Linux and Functional programming. I'm that typical computer nerd so you'll rarely find me AFK, although occasionally I go out for cycling, street food and (ugh!) classes. I hope you'll have a good time reading my posts or browsing my projects.

I've been brought up by the Java ecosystem and I'm kind of a generalist in my technical choices. Writing beautiful code will always be a top priority for me. Also, I'm a staunch minimalist and a religious follower of K.I.S.S., thanks to an early introduction of Arch Linux during my high school days. Picking up favorites is always tough, although Clojure is my language of choice and my favorite games are Minecraft and the entire Souls Series. It's so sad that Java couldn't succeed much in game industry outside Minecraft, but I'm hoping to change this scenario one day.

Here are some links, if you'd like to contact me or know more about my works:

Have a good day! 🌞