7 June 2020

The Season of Lockdowns

We all expect a bunch of new stories, resolutions, and ideas popping up at the start of each year. But 2020 wasn't supposed to be just another year, it's a new decade. So it's natural to expect that the usual new year excitement would be amped up all round the world. Alas, things turned out in an exactly opposite way, isn't it?

The coronavirus outbreak has been dangerous for a lot more than our immune systems. Lockdowns and economic crises are already affecting our day to day lives. The only way to help ourselves is to maintain a distance and prevent the virus from spreading. Frankly, I've not given up on the goal of increasing my digital footprint. Now with the college shut down and internships canceled, it seems like I'm in a pretty good position to roll out my new blog and start practicing. 👍️

There's always a lot of news to share, but I'm afraid they won't fit into one blog post. Recently, I've been tinkering around a lot of stuff related to the Java ecosystem including Clojure, libGDX, and GraalVM. I also got invited to Google foobar and the questions were challenging as ever. Currently, I'm sharpening my web dev skills and hoping to get a remote internship soon.

So that was a bit of my status update. Everyone is undergoing through their bag of troubles, but there's so little we can do about. Nevertheless, this will come to an end too. So stay home, stay safe, and make great use of every passing second. 💮

P.S.: This is technically the first blog post although I have imported some posts from my old blog.

Tags: Non Tech