GSoC 2019: Week 3 updates

18 June 2019

Whew! Probably got the highest number of crashes this week. 😅 I tried to do too many changes in the launcher's initialization phase got the code jumbled up, the main reason for my headache.

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GSoC 2019: Week 2 updates

10 June 2019

This week mostly involved studies and work for the Server Manager. On a new branch, I have started replacing the old UI code. Probably at the end of this summer, it'll get merged into develop branch, when the launcher will be on the verge of version 4.

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GSoC 2019: Week 1 updates

2 June 2019

The first week of coding came to an end. This month's target is to implement a Server manager and a Game manager. I did spend a good amount of time preparing and learning more about the tools that can come handy. Besides that, a whole new base layout is ready for the launcher's UI.

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Introduction to Terasology Launcher

25 May 2019

This summer I'll be working on Terasology Launcher, the official launcher for the Terasology project. It helps in managing various game versions and configuring local storage, memory settings, and logging level. My project aims to enhance the launcher and make it easier to use. All the progress will be showcased in the upcoming version 4.0.

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Starting my summer with GSoC 2019

14 May 2019

It was probably the first time I received some Google-branded emails other than Google Forms stuff. May 7 was a day of celebration, kickstarting my journey into the open source world. Special thanks to Terasology and all my mentors.


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